The unpatriotic majority

Come to think of it, Paul Krugman’s willingness to accuse America’s largest minority, the white Christians, of treason is not just an amplified, tables-turned version of the ancient charge leveled at the Jews.

Prof. Krugman vaguely suggests that “the tribe” – the white Christians in his idiolect – have never been patriotic. He writes:

The people who now seem to love America always did; the people who suddenly no longer sound like patriots never were.

Of course the master is merely painting with the broadest brush strokes possible, not bothering to make the obvious distinctions within the tribe when looking backward. Still, the thesis, however imprecisely worded – more hinted at than stated – is that the people descended from the nation’s founding stock and still making up the largest group of its citizenry might be acting treacherously, and might have acted so while still making up the majority of the nation.

As a statement of political philosophy, it would be worth investigating if expressed more clearly, which is unlikely.

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