America’s Orange Revolution: what will Russians learn from it?

I thought the Monster Vote was merely wishful thinking by escapist desperados – until it materialized. Well done, folks.

Now I fear that certain people in the Kremlin, who do not believe in the possibility of government by the people will interpret Trump’s victory as the successful outcome of a “special operation.” Ridiculous as it may sound, this belief, incorporated into a paranoid Weltanschauung, could produce a dangerous illusion of omnipotence in some Russian heads. I hope to be as wrong on this as I was on HRC’s victory on White Sun of the Desert.

As for the Russian opposition, they have a lot to learn from Trump’s campaign. It’s not only a lesson in winning against a hostile, dishonest media and establishment propaganda. Using social networks to beat MSM is a matter of skill and technology. The big question is, how many Russians are hellbent on sending the message, “it’s our country, we want it back”? In contrast, how many feel alienated from the Russian state in any shape, way or form, as if they were a permanently disenfranchized minority ambivalent on whether the country is truly theirs?

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