The sentence that made my weekend

Via Crooked Timber, this corpuscle of pure delight at Bleeding Heart Libertarians:

This journal doesn’t even hit the top 115 journals in Gender Studies.

Here’s the list of the 115 top Gender Studies journals in the world referred to above. Granted, some of the publications on the list have a different primary focus. Taking them out still leaves a hundred, mostly in English, mostly from the West – the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, etc. And, if these are the best, there must be others out there, right?


  1. Heh. Only 115 top journals? Still, I’m sure it’s all Grade A scholarship. Nobody mention the phrase “diploma mill”.

    • By the standards of Gender Studies, it might as well pass for first-rate scholarship. It’s not that interdisciplinary studies should be discouraged but some of these sub-fields look like a fertile breeding ground for charlatans.

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