Moscow windows

The owner is probably renovating the house – it’s a prime location – anyway, it looks better with the painted windows that it would with black, blind rectangular sockets. (The thumbnail is clickable.)

When the Kremlin releases its own “exit polls” from today’s, hmmm, “referendum,” they will reveal as much about the true results as these windows reveal about the inside of the house. (Check out a high-resulution photo for all the details.)

Admittedly, the “exit polls” and the official tally will tell us something about the Kremlin’s policy priorities and degree of impudence, just as these pictures are evidence of the artist’s vision and skills.

Some would even claim poll falsifiers are artists in their own right – the term “con artist” reflects the common man’s wisdom. In both cases, the point is to hide the reality within from public view. But there’s still one little window left unobstructed, up under the roof.

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