Is QAnon exportable?

What did QAnon say when Ghislaine Maxwell got arrested? “It has happened,” followed by multiple explanation marks and later a series of photographs showing Maxwell, Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts, President Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and others in various combinations. (But no pics of Maxwell with Trump.) Also, some cryptic notes and a list of names. The usual stuff.

I used to check up on the qanon pub site pretty often for a brief period after Trump’s election. Maybe earlier – I can’t even remember. I caught word of him on 4chan or possibly reddit. Curiosity did the rest: I was perplexed at not being able to pigeonhole Q. He (most likely a he) used to be more interesting back then, or at least less predictable. He had a way of leaving a shadow of a shadow of uneasiness in the reader’s soul: what if some of this is true?

Of course, some of that had to be true for the project to grow and develop. Then, for a couple of years, I lost interest in Trumpist echo chambers. Yesterday, I took a look at Q again and was disappointed. Nowadays, Q reads like the same old track remixed and reissued over and again. He can probably afford it now that he has a steady following of several million.

What is his endgame going to be, if any? Doxxed and found feather-light one day? Possibly. On the other hand, he could convert the project into a permanent cult or a political movement or a cross between them. More interestingly – to me – is Q exportable? Can it be replicated – mutated, then replicated – outside of North America and even outside the Anglosphere? Let’s say in Russia during the next political crisis?

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