“Cosplaying Allende and Pinochet at once”

“Massive protests flood Belarus once more, as Lukashenko appears brandishing assault rifle,” ABC News reports from Minsk.

As one pro-Kremlin political consultant has remarked on his Telegram channel, “Lukashenko is cosplaying Allende and Pinochet at the same time.”

Another, less pro-Kremlin Telegram commenter has compared Lukashenko’s parading in a bulletproof vest with a rifle to Michael Dukakis’s 1988 tank ride.

As I’ve said before, we’re only observing a galvanized corpse, politically speaking, although the dictator’s physical body may evade death for a couple more decades.

From “An account of the late improvements in galvanism : with a series of curious and interesting experiments performed before the commissioners of the French National Institute, and repeated lately in the anatomical theatres of London” (1803), by Giovanni (“John”) Aldini of the University of Bologna. Downloaded from archive.org.

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