Glass walls, balconies, canopies II

More pictures of the Dankman-Rusanova-Simakin campus building on the Ivanovskaya Hill in Moscow – from the well-preserved northern section on the left, rightwards to the dorm sections extending south, to the burned-out southern section. Someone tried to rebuild it but stopped halfway for some reason and left that part of the building to the mercy of the elements. There’s a new building right in front of the damaged wing but it doesn’t really shield the half-abandoned structure from public sight.

These sights are all the more remarkable for their pleasant location and surroundings. The impressive Choral Synagogue is literally seventy yards away from the dorm’s southern wing, and there’s a lovely little park nearby. Not to mention the general rule that all land within Moscow’s Boulevard Ring is outrageously expensive.

On the other hand, it’s good to know that most of Dankman’s project still survives. As long as it is standing, we can hope that one day it will be restored. Rebuilt, perhaps, according to the architects’ designs but with modern construction technology.

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