Abortion bans aim to stop the purpling of red states?

I’ve argued that anti-abortionists have a common cause with Big Brother worshipers. The word “surveillance” has already appeared in some news headlines on states’ enforcement of their anti-abortion laws.

But there’s another consequence: young professionals are now less likely to move to places like Texas. These liberal voters have been one reason why some red states have put on a purple tint or turned blue. This migration may come to a halt now, although it may not be enough to stop the purpling.

Personally, I suspect that a significant share of pro-lifers are driven simply by sadistic misogyny and/or an urge to dominate and control, typically born out of a profound inferiority complex. On the other hand, lots of them are merely good people with an obsession with fetuses and a lachrymose disposition. But the leaders of the movement undoubtedly pursue purely political goals that have nothing to do with the rights of fetuses – who cannot vote anyway.

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