I knew it was going to happen

I spent some time reading up on Jeffrey Epstein’s case in early 2015, when Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz were briefly dragged into it. Later in 2015, I thought that sooner or later, either Donald Trump or Bill Clinton or both would get accused of an unsavory association with Epstein, or worse. Now it has happened.

What’s amazing about Jeffrey Epstein is how quickly he went from a nobody to a billionaire – faster than any Russian oligarch – and how miraculously he avoided federal charges of paying minors for sex. He could have face ten years for each count but instead served 13 months in prison – allowed to leave during the day – and a year of house arrest.

Two of Epstein’s victims sued in 2008 to have his non-prosecution deal with the feds invalidated. A third attempted to join the suit in 2014, naming Prince Andrew and Alan Dershowitz among her abusers. The judge denied her motion to join and struck the prince’s and the lawyer’s name from the record. However the public was reminded on the occasion that Prince Andrew remained a buddy of Epstein’s after his downfall, and Dershowitz both flew on Epstein’s private jet many times and helped to secure the deal that protected Epstein from federal prosecution.

Epstein was spectacularly successful in bonding socially to prominent people from various exalted circles, from scientists to politicians. If Lawrence Summers and Stephen Pinker were listed in his phone book (the “little black book”), small wonder that so were Donald Trump and Bill Clinton. Epstein let Clinton use his private jet for flights to Africa for his charity operation, and was a donor to the Clinton Foundation.

The lawsuit against Trump mentioned by the DM looks rather phony at first glance. Who’s behind it? Time will tell.


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